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We know that helping a parent or loved one move to senior housing can seem more intimidating than doing a blindfolded tight-rope walk. We also know that the additional stress of Medicaid planning can add to this dauntless task. At Mercho Caughey, we will work with you to develop a future that not only ensures the best long term care, but also includes a comprehensive family strategy to protects assets while obtaining Medicaid eligibility.

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Medicaid Planning & Long Term Care

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Resolving Medicaid Misconceptions

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Medicaid Planning & Long Term Care

Our Firm is experienced with assisting seniors in addressing elder law issues.

America’s patchwork of regulations regarding care results in the reality each individual must pay privately for the nursing home if he or she has the assets to do so. Most people cannot afford this monthly expense for long, but fortunately, with proper planning and sound legal counsel, Medicaid may be available to help pay for the costs of nursing care.

Our Firm helps Hoosier Seniors find out how to avoid having to move with nowhere to go. There are several tools available in Medicaid planning such as gifting, trusts, spend down, long term care insurance, annuities, promissory notes, or a combination of these options. Fortunately, the experienced elder law attorneys at Mercho Caughey know how to implement these tools as part of a comprehensive plan designed to qualify an individual for Medicaid while protecting assets from the costs of long term care. We take pride in educating our clients about Medicaid laws, and we will work with you to develop a comprehensive family strategy that protects assets while obtaining Medicaid eligibility.


Resolving Medicaid Misconceptions

Work with us and we can show you that many of the common misconceptions about using Medicaid to fund long term nursing care do not have to become true for you, including:

• “I will lose my home”
• “The governmental will take my whole estate when I die”
• “My husband/wife will have to move”
• “I have to become penniless first”

These beliefs come from a place of fear and proper counsel is crucial to navigate the complexities of Medicaid law.

With proper legal planning, a Medicaid applicant has many options available to preserve personal property and real estate for their future needs or the protection of their loved ones. An attorney with expertise in Medicaid planning law can assist you in planning for the expenses of long term care as well as planning for the protection of resources for you and your family.

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