Leave Your Past Behind

We are offering a new service to clear and seal any criminal record you might have accumulated over the years. This will prevent third parties from seeing your past mistakes and leave the past in the past.

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Record Expungement

A simple mistake from your past can have a devastating impact on your future. Everyone makes mistakes, but a mistake you made in the past shouldn’t prevent you from getting the jobs, loans, or housing you deserve. For many convictions our Firm is able to expunge or seal records in order to eliminate the records from public view. This can have a tremendously beneficial effect on you and your family.

Leave the past in the past. If you’re interested in clearing your record through the expungement process, please contact Mercho Caughey today. Our attorneys have considerable experience navigating the complexities and nuances of the expungement law. Let us go to bat for you and restore your good name.

Criminal Record Sealment


While the terms seal and expunge are often used interchangeably and both have similar effects, there are distinct differences in the processes for sealing a record and the maintenance of records in law enforcement databases.  An expunged records is generally destroyed and not retained by law enforcement agencies, while sealed records are maintained and law enforcement officials may still have access to the information contained in them.

At Mercho Caughey, we can determine whether your records qualify for expungement and help you with the sealing process if expungement isn’t an option for you.  We tailor our work to your needs so that your past doesn’t have to continue interfering with your future.