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We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and aggressive litigators. We help our clients with a full-service approach and have experience navigating many types of civil litigation matters. We draw on our considerable experience to work towards practical solutions, including taking cases to Trial. We never back down when that is what the client needs.

Practice Areas

Contractual Disputes

The attorneys at Mercho Caughey have considerable experience litigating a wide variety of disputes for our clients.  Our attorneys have excellent case management skills and are well equipped to handle every aspect of a wide variety of civil litigation matters. Our attorneys have the ability to effectively negotiate and have successful Trial experience. Our team of skilled lawyers prides itself on our advocacy skills and we work hard to stay abreast of changes in both law and business that can affect case outcomes.

While we handle virtually all types of Civil Litigation, we are especially adept in assisting clients in enforcing unpaid obligations or in protecting their rights under Contracts with third parties.  We are creative advocates and always look to find favorable solutions that provide the remedies our client’s need.



Bad debt receivables show in your balance sheet and can hurt your bottom line.  Each of our attorneys at Mercho Caughey is highly experienced and fully trained in debt collection, as well as commercial and consumer litigation. We pride ourselves on the excellent reputation that we have established and the excellent representation we provide.

Writing off bad debt damages small business particularly.  Even if you’ve given up that a debt can be collected, Mercho Caughey will fight to get what you’re owed and keep your business on the right financial track.

Complex Litigation


Multi-jurisdictional, multi-issue, and/or multi-party lawsuits can be particularly challenging for individuals and businesses.  The team of attorneys at Mercho Caughey are no strangers to complex litigation.  Let our extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation swing the balance in your favor.  We develop winning strategies to make sure that your rights are enforced and that your voice is heard in complex litigation matters.

Commercial Litigation


At Mercho Caughey, we make sure that your business is strongly represented in all matters, defending claims made against your business or protecting your intellectual property rights, advertising and branding, and proprietary information.  Ben Caughey has served as the Chair of the Indiana Bar Association’s Bankruptcy and Commercial Law section and is no stranger to the nuances of commercial litigation.

Our team can protect your business and ensure that you have the best representation to protect your interests and your assets.